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Family of Frances Harold FOSTER and Ethel MICKLE

Husband: Frances Harold FOSTER (1887-1954)
Wife: Ethel MICKLE (1887-1976)
Children: Kathleen Ada FOSTER (1915-1967)
Gordon Harold FOSTER (1918-1996)
Ian FOSTER (c. 1920- )
Brian Mickle FOSTER (1923-1942)
Marriage 15 Jun 1912 St Matthews Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Husband: Frances Harold FOSTER


Frances Harold FOSTER, F H Foster

Name: Frances Harold FOSTER1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas FOSTER (c. 1860-1924)
Mother: Ada BROWN (1867-1948)
Birth 14 Sep 1887 South Shields, Co Durham
Occupation Draughtsman / Architect
Death 24 May 1954 (age 66) Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby

Wife: Ethel MICKLE


Ethel MICKLE, Ethel Mickel

Name: Ethel MICKLE2
Sex: Female
Father: Charles MICKLE (1855-1927)
Mother: Caroline REED (1856-1929)
Birth 7 Dec 1887 Birkenhead
Death 5 Apr 1976 (age 88) Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby

Child 1: Kathleen Ada FOSTER


Kathleen Ada FOSTER, Kathleen Worrall


Spouse: William John WORRALL, William Worrall

Name: Kathleen Ada FOSTER3
Sex: Female
Spouse: William John WORRALL (1914-1994)
Birth 5 Feb 1915 365 Lipton St, Winnipeg, Canada
Baptism 14 Mar 1915 (age 1 mn) ASt Michael and All Angels' Church, Winnipeg
Occupation Laboratorary Assistant, Port Sunlight
Death 7 Mar 1967 (age 52) At home - 6, Ethelbert Rd, Meols Hoylake, Wirral

Child 2: Gordon Harold FOSTER


Gordon Harold FOSTER, G H Foster


Spouse: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN, mollie_f

Name: Gordon Harold FOSTER4
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN (1923-2009)
Birth 1918 Cable Road, Hoylake
Occupation Builder & Decorator
Death 18 Jul 1996 (age 77-78)

Child 3: Ian FOSTER


Ian FOSTER, 1935, age 15, Ian Sept 1935


Spouse: Pat NOALAN, pat_f

Name: Ian FOSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Pat NOALAN ( - )
Birth c. 1920

Child 4: Brian Mickle FOSTER


Brian Mickle FOSTER, 1925, age 2, Brian 1925 (3)

Name: Brian Mickle FOSTER5
Sex: Male
Birth 1923
Death 7 May 1942 (age 18-19) Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby

Note on Husband: Frances Harold FOSTER

In 1891 census, lived at: William Street, Houghton Le Spring, Warden Law, Durham with parents.


In the 1901 census, was a boarding student at Calday Grange Gramar School (rev William Hollowell was Headmaster).


in the 1911 census for Winnipeg, Manitoba, was a Boarder at 331 Pritchard, with Geo and Elizabeth Wade (age shown as 24).

When married, lived at 365 Lipton Street - Roll Number: 13022125000

Neighbourhood Area: St Matthews; Market Region 4, Inner City. House had a Total Living Area of 988 sq. ft. The building was a 1&1/2 Storey with a basement, built in 1909 with 5 rooms.


On december 30th 1915 joined the 107th Canadian Pioneer Battalion (107th (Winnipeg) Bn. Formed at Winnipeg on 04 Nov 1915 - became the 107th Canadian Pioneer Bn on 21 Jan 1917 and joined the 1st Division). They sailed for France on February 25, 1917 and served in France and Flanders as Pioneers until the re-organization of the Canadian Corps Engineers in March of 1917. At that time the Pioneer battalions were re-organized over the next few months and absorbed into the Canadian Engineers. The 107th was disbanded and absorbed into the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Canadian Engineer battalions on May 28, 1918. Held rank of Company Sergeant-Major (CSM).

Note on Wife: Ethel MICKLE

From the 'Herald & Visitor', Saturday June 1st 1912. "We heartily wish bon voyage to Miss Ethel Mickle, elder daughter of Mr Charles Mickle, of Cable Road, Hoylake, who sails tomorrow (Saturday) in the Tetonic for Winnipeg via Montreal. The young lady, who became engaged some four years ago, is going out to fulfill her promise to Mr Harold Foster, son of Mr & Mrs Thomas Foster, of Drummond Road. Her fiance served his articles in the Surveyors Department of the Hoylake and West Kirby District Council (of which his father was for many years the head), and about three years since he went to Canada, where he has been most successful in his profession. The young lady is to be accompanied by her father, who will 'give her away,' and who hopes to return in a few weeks time, having seen the nuptial knot tied, and leaving the young couple to make thay success in life which is wished for them by a large circle of friends, amongst whom we are pleased to count ourselves. We have pleasure in knowing that the voyagers will carry with them a large number of handsome and valuable presents, which will assist in reminding the young people of their friends in old England, as well as add to the comfort and beauty of their home in the far west."


From the Ships Passenger list:


date of departure 1 June 1912

ship: Teutonic

steamship line: White Star Dominion

from: Liverpool to: Montreal, Canada

Miss E MICKLE Occupation: Domestic

Mr C MICKLE Occupation: Cotton Broker


1Grave stone & Marriage certificate
2Grave stone & Grand-son
3Son + Grave stone (Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby)
5Grave stone