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Family of Gordon Harold FOSTER and Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN

Husband: Gordon Harold FOSTER (1918-1996)
Wife: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN (1923-2009)
Children: Michael Harold FOSTER (1952- )
Pamela FOSTER (1953- )
Eileen FOSTER (1957- )
Marriage 9 Mar 1951 Wallasey, Cheshire

Husband: Gordon Harold FOSTER


Gordon Harold FOSTER, G H Foster

Name: Gordon Harold FOSTER1
Sex: Male
Father: Frances Harold FOSTER (1887-1954)
Mother: Ethel MICKLE (1887-1976)
Birth 1918 Cable Road, Hoylake
Occupation Builder & Decorator
Death 18 Jul 1996 (age 77-78)

Wife: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN


Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN, mollie_f

Name: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN2
Sex: Female
Father: William Martin WINK (1892-1983)
Mother: Ruby Lenora FREEMAN (1896-1979)
Birth 23 Aug 1923 Marsham, Norfolk, England
Occupation Civil Servant (retired)
Death 2 Aug 2009 (age 85)

Child 1: Michael Harold FOSTER


Michael Harold FOSTER, mike_f

Name: Michael Harold FOSTER3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Janet BERNSTEIN (1953- )
Birth 8 Mar 1952 Highfield Maternity Hospital, Wallasey
Occupation Pet Shops

Child 2: Pamela FOSTER


Spouse: Richard DANIELS, richard_d

Name: Pamela FOSTER4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard DANIELS ( - )
Birth 9 Mar 1953 Saughall Road, Saughall Massey, Moreton

Child 3: Eileen FOSTER

Name: Eileen FOSTER4
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ken BURGESS (1954- )
Birth 8 Mar 1957 10, Sandringham Avenue, Hoylake
Occupation Speech Therapist

Note on Wife: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN

Lived in a Christian home. Adopted at age of (???) , by a (single) School Teacher.

Real mother was secretary to a butcher/farm manager. Father is believed to be the butcher/farm manager.

Original name, Poppy Freeman.

Grace Christian was also adopted by the 'school teacher'.


2In person
3Mother (Mollie Foster) & In person