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Family of William John WORRALL and Kathleen Ada FOSTER

Husband: William John WORRALL (1914-1994)
Wife: Kathleen Ada FOSTER (1915-1967)
Children: Andrew John WORRALL (1951- )
Marriage 1 Sep 1945

Husband: William John WORRALL


William John WORRALL, William Worrall

Name: William John WORRALL1
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas John WORRALL (1881-1952)
Mother: Mary Helen SALISBURY (1869- )
Birth 8 Apr 1914 3, Farm Buildings, Tarvin Road, Chester
3, Farm Buildings, Tarvin Road, Chester, 6, Ethelbert Road, Meols following marriage
Occupation LAC, RAF (War) then Ship Repairer, Camel Lairds, Birkenhead
Death 24 Feb 1994 (age 79) Arrowe Park Hospital, Birkenhead
Cause: Aortic anurism

Wife: Kathleen Ada FOSTER


Kathleen Ada FOSTER, Kathleen Worrall

Name: Kathleen Ada FOSTER2
Sex: Female
Father: Frances Harold FOSTER (1887-1954)
Mother: Ethel MICKLE (1887-1976)
Birth 5 Feb 1915 365 Lipton St, Winnipeg, Canada
Baptism 14 Mar 1915 (age 1 mn) ASt Michael and All Angels' Church, Winnipeg
Occupation Laboratorary Assistant, Port Sunlight
Death 7 Mar 1967 (age 52) At home - 6, Ethelbert Rd, Meols Hoylake, Wirral

Child 1: Andrew John WORRALL


Andrew John WORRALL, 2006, age 55, me1


Spouse: Carol Elizabeth WITHY, 2006, age 55, carol1

Name: Andrew John WORRALL3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carol Elizabeth WITHY (1951- )
Birth 25 Jun 1951 Chester
Occupation Civil Servant

Note on Husband: William John WORRALL

Baptised May 29th 1914, Chester Cathedral, by Rev Aubrey Baxter, Godmother - Minnie Batchelor (lived at 4 Farm Buildings, Tarvin Road, Chester in 1911 Census with Frederick Thomas (6 yo), Charles James (4 yo) and William (4mths) Baxter).


Occupation: LAC, RAF (War) then Ship Repairer, Camel Lairds, Birkenhead


Died from a Ruptured Abdominal aortic aneurysm, due to Ischaemic Heart Disease, at Arrowe Park Hospital. Reference: Birth & Death Certificates - Buried in Grange Cemetary, Wetkirby

Note on Wife: Kathleen Ada FOSTER

Born in Winnipeg (365 Lipton Street), Canada on 5th Feb 1915, at 1:05 am.

Spent the first few years of her life living at 365, Lipton St, Winnipeg, Canada (see Ethel Mickle). - Lipton Street was named for British tea merchant Thomas Lipton (1850-1931) in 1903.

Baptised at St Michael and All Angels Church on 14 March 1915

Attended Minto House School, Meols

Confirmed on 13 December 1932.

Worked at Levers, Port Sunlight, before marrying on 04 July 1945.

Member of the Cheshire 90 (ladies) Red Cross. Awarded certificate for "Devoted service to the cause of humanity during 2nd World War 1939-1945", Signed by King George & Elizabeth R.

Died at home from cancer (Peritoneal carcinoma and carcinoma of small intestine); Buried in Grange Cemetry, Wirral


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2Son + Grave stone (Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby)
3In person