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Family of Charles MICKLE and Caroline REED

Husband: Charles MICKLE (1855-1927)
Wife: Caroline REED (1856-1929)
Children: Harold Charles MICKLE (1882- )
Henry Ernest MICKLE (1883-1972)
Ethel MICKLE (1887-1976)
Florence MICKLE (1890- )
Leonard MICKLE (1893-1959)
Marriage 13 Sep 1880 Saint Andrew's Church, Conway Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire

Husband: Charles MICKLE


Charles MICKLE, 1871, age 16, 1871 census Charles Mickle age 15_80 Price St Birkenhead

Name: Charles MICKLE1
Sex: Male
Father: Gavin MICKLE (1829-c. 1880)
Mother: Mary Jane HANNAH (c. 1821- )
Birth 1855 Liverpool
Occupation Cotton broker
Death 14 Jul 1927 (age 71-72) Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby

Wife: Caroline REED


Caroline REED, 1929, age 73, Charles and Caroline Mickle

Name: Caroline REED1
Sex: Female
Father: Henry REED (1827-to1871)
Mother: Ann BURNELL (1827- )
Birth 18 Sep 1856 Bristol, Gloucester
Death 18 Sep 1929 (age 73) Buried in Grange Cemetery, Westkirby

Child 1: Harold Charles MICKLE

Name: Harold Charles MICKLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence MICKLE ( - )
Birth 1882 Birkenhead
Occupation Automobile Agent

Child 2: Henry Ernest MICKLE


Henry Ernest MICKLE, e003578996_sail to canada 1


Spouse: Catherine Mary BURNS, 1956, age 67, Catherine Mickle headstone

Name: Henry Ernest MICKLE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Catherine Mary BURNS (1889-1956)
Birth 1883 Birkenhead
Occupation Book keeper provision warehouse
Death 24 Jan 1972 (age 88-89)

Child 3: Ethel MICKLE


Ethel MICKLE, Ethel Mickel


Spouse: Frances Harold FOSTER, F H Foster

Name: Ethel MICKLE2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frances Harold FOSTER (1887-1954)
Birth 7 Dec 1887 Birkenhead
Death 5 Apr 1976 (age 88) Buried in Grange Cemetary, Westkirby

Child 4: Florence MICKLE

Name: Florence MICKLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1890 Birkenhead

Child 5: Leonard MICKLE

Name: Leonard MICKLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1893 Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
Occupation Cotton merchant
Death 4 Jul 1959 (age 65-66) Hoylake, Cheshire, England

Note on Husband: Charles MICKLE

In 1861 census, is shown as a Stepson, living with John and Mary GELLATLY, at: 131, Price Street, Birkenhead, with Mary Jane (Stepdaughter - born in 1842 in Liverpool, Lancashire) and Marg (Stepdaughter - born in 1844 in Liverpool, Lancashire - occupation is: Milliner)

In 1871 census, lived at 80 Price Street, Birkenhead, with James Lambert (Univ Glasgow U R C Land & Life London) - occupation, Scholar,

in 1881 census, lived at 44 Rodney Street, Birkenhead - occupation, Cotton Broker's Clerk (both aged 26, no children listed)

In 1891 census, lived at 13 Glover Street, Birkenhead - occupation, Cotton Broker's Clerk.

In 1901 census, lived at 13 Glover Street, Birkenhead - occupation, Cotton Broker.

In 1911 census, Lived at 5 Cable Road, Hoylake, Wirral (with a servant - Ida Dodd)

Note on Wife: Caroline REED

lived at 13 bath Street, Bristol


1Grave stone
2Grave stone & Grand-son