Family of Humphrey de BOHUN and Joan FITZALAN

Husband: Humphrey de BOHUN (1342-1373)
Wife: Joan FITZALAN (1347-1419)
Children: Eleanor de BOHUN (1366-1399)
Mary de BOHUN (c. 1368-1394)

Husband: Humphrey de BOHUN

Name: Humphrey de BOHUN
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: 7th Earl of Hereford
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1342
Death 16 Jan 1373 (age 30-31)


Sex: Female
Name Prefix: Lady
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1347
Death 7 Apr 1419 (age 71-72)

Child 1: Eleanor de BOHUN


Spouse: Thomas of WOODSTOCK, ThomasWoodstock

Name: Eleanor de BOHUN
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Duchess of Gloucester
Spouse: Thomas of WOODSTOCK (1355-c. 1397)
Birth 1366
Death 3 Oct 1399 (age 32-33)

Child 2: Mary de BOHUN


Spouse: Henry BOLINGBROKE, King_Henry_IV

Name: Mary de BOHUN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry BOLINGBROKE (c. 1366-1413)
Birth c. 1368
Death 4 Jun 1394 (age 25-26) Peterborough Castle

Note on Wife: Joan FITZALAN

Joan FitzAlan, Countess of Hereford, Countess of Essex and Countess of Northampton (1347 – 7 April 1419), was the wife of the 7th Earl of Hereford, 6th Earl of Essex and 2nd Earl of Northampton. She was the mother of Mary de Bohun, the first wife of Henry of Bolingbroke who later reigned as King Henry IV, and Eleanor de Bohun, Duchess of Gloucester. She was the maternal grandmother of King Henry V.


In 1400, she gave the order for the beheading of the Earl of Huntingdon in revenge for the part he had played in the execution of her brother, the 11th Earl of Arundel.


The estates which comprised Joan's large dowry made her one of the principal landowners in Essex, where she exercised lordship, acting as arbitrator and feoffee in property transactions.