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Family of Thomas of WOODSTOCK and Eleanor de BOHUN

Husband: Thomas of WOODSTOCK (1355-c. 1397)
Wife: Eleanor de BOHUN (1366-1399)
Marriage 1376

Husband: Thomas of WOODSTOCK


Thomas of WOODSTOCK, ThomasWoodstock

Name: Thomas of WOODSTOCK
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: 1st Duke of Gloucester
Father: EDWARD III (1312-1377)
Mother: Philippa of HAINAULT ( - )
Birth 7 Jan 1355
Death c. Sep 1397 (age 42)

Wife: Eleanor de BOHUN

Name: Eleanor de BOHUN
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Duchess of Gloucester
Father: Humphrey de BOHUN (1342-1373)
Mother: Joan FITZALAN (1347-1419)
Birth 1366
Death 3 Oct 1399 (age 32-33)