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Family of Edward Albert WITHY and Emily BLACKWOOD

Husband: Edward Albert WITHY (1873-1961)
Wife: Emily BLACKWOOD (1891-1970)
Children: Alfred James WITHY (1925- )
Rachel ('Rae') WITHY (1927- )
Margaret WITHY (1933- )

Husband: Edward Albert WITHY


Edward Albert WITHY, e a withy

Name: Edward Albert WITHY
Sex: Male
Father: Alfred WITHY (1849-1911)
Mother: Margaret Ann OLDFIELD (1851-1921)
Birth 8 Sep 1873 Durham, West Hartlepool
Occupation Coal exporter
Death 11 May 1961 (age 87)


Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Oct 1891
Death 6 Aug 1970 (age 78)

Child 1: Alfred James WITHY

Name: Alfred James WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth Jane DOWSON ( - )
Birth 19 Nov 1925

Child 2: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY

Name: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Septimus YUILL ( - )
Birth 6 Jun 1927

Child 3: Margaret WITHY

Name: Margaret WITHY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cedric Andrew YUILL ( - )
Birth 13 Jul 1933

Note on Husband: Edward Albert WITHY

Whilst George Withy (DOB 1924) was out walking with 'Uncle Ted' (Edward), he remarked that he seemed to be limping. He replied "I was born with one leg longer than the other!".

To this day, it is not known whether he meant this or if it was one of a series of unlikely answers to a question that he found to be boring or impertinent. As George came to know Ted better, he realised that he did not trade in anything but the truth, particularly in dealing with youngsters, and he has now happily settled for the first answer. He was the alto member of the Stranton chorister quartet for 70 years.