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Family of John Septimus YUILL and Rachel ('Rae') WITHY

Husband: John Septimus YUILL ( - )
Wife: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY (1927- )
Children: Christine Eleanor YUILL (1957- )
Judith Anna YUILL (1958- )
Marriage 1950 West Hartlepool, Durham

Husband: John Septimus YUILL

Name: John Septimus YUILL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY

Name: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Albert WITHY (1873-1961)
Mother: Emily BLACKWOOD (1891-1970)
Birth 6 Jun 1927

Child 1: Christine Eleanor YUILL

Name: Christine Eleanor YUILL
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Dec 1957

Child 2: Judith Anna YUILL

Name: Judith Anna YUILL
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Mar 1958

Note on Wife: Rachel ('Rae') WITHY

On an occasion when Rae was away at Durham University, Uncle Ted organised a bus trip of her contemporaries and friends to go and see her. He counted most of the group several times (but avoided paying any fares twice), announced that the whole f

amily was visiting, and turned the event into an impromptu 'pantomime', much to the amusement of all the other passengers.