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Family of Percy William RUMBLE and Eleanor WITHY

Husband: Percy William RUMBLE ( - )
Wife: Eleanor WITHY (1879-1962)

Husband: Percy William RUMBLE

Name: Percy William RUMBLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Eleanor WITHY

Name: Eleanor WITHY
Sex: Female
Father: Alfred WITHY (1849-1911)
Mother: Margaret Ann OLDFIELD (1851-1921)
Birth 27 Dec 1879 Durham, West Hartlepool
Death 28 Jan 1962 (age 82)

Note on Wife: Eleanor WITHY

When Eleanor Withy brought her husbant-to-be, Percy Rumble, home, Ted Withy snorted "That's a damned silly name. Haven't you got another?". When Percy confessed that he was also William, Ted said "That'll do! I'll call you Bill", and did so to th

e end of his long life.