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Family of William WILSON and Jessie BUCKLEY

Husband: William WILSON (1900- )
Wife: Jessie BUCKLEY (1900-1984)
Children: William, Barry WILSON (1926-2011)

Husband: William WILSON

Name: William WILSON
Sex: Male
Father: William Clifford WILSON (1861- )
Mother: Alice Clara BULL (1862-1927)
Birth 1900 Kings Heath, Worcestershire

Wife: Jessie BUCKLEY

Name: Jessie BUCKLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1900
Death 1984 (age 83-84)

Child 1: William, Barry WILSON

Name: William, Barry WILSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret LLOYD (1931-2006)
Birth 1926
Occupation Design Engineer
Death 2011 (age 84-85) Seale