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Family of Bertram Allen GRAY and Dorothy (Dolly) WILSON

Husband: Bertram Allen GRAY (c. 1892-1981)
Wife: Dorothy (Dolly) WILSON (1902-1981)
Children: Dorothy Elizabeth GRAY (1925-2014)
Trevor GRAY (1928- )
Robin GRAY (1938-1938)
Richard GRAY (1941- )

Husband: Bertram Allen GRAY

Name: Bertram Allen GRAY
Sex: Male
Father: Avon GRAY (1859-c. 1923)
Mother: Emily Louisa ALLEN (1857- )
Birth c. 1892 Kings Heath, Birmingham
Death 1981 (age 88-89)

Wife: Dorothy (Dolly) WILSON

Name: Dorothy (Dolly) WILSON1
Sex: Female
Father: William Clifford WILSON (1861- )
Mother: Alice Clara BULL (1862-1927)
Birth 19 Apr 1902 Kingsheath Birmingham
Death 12 Aug 1981 (age 79) Birmingham

Child 1: Dorothy Elizabeth GRAY


Dorothy Elizabeth GRAY, 2009, age 84, betty2


Spouse: George WITHY, George Withy

Name: Dorothy Elizabeth GRAY2
Sex: Female
Nickname: Betty
Spouse: George WITHY (1924-1998)
Birth 14 Sep 1925 Northfield, Birmingham(at home)
Occupation Artist
Death 21 Feb 2014 (age 88) Elderhome, Clatterbridge

Child 2: Trevor GRAY


Trevor GRAY, trevor1

Name: Trevor GRAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Doreen POUNTNEY ( - )
Birth 20 May 1928

Child 3: Robin GRAY

Name: Robin GRAY
Sex: Male
Birth 1938
Death 1938 (age 0)

Child 4: Richard GRAY

Name: Richard GRAY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary JAMES (1941- )
Birth 21 Dec 1941

Note on Husband: Bertram Allen GRAY

Bertram's first wife was Milly, mother of Edward (Ted) Gray, who was adopted by Avon James Gray and Mabel Wilson

Kings Norton

In 1911 census, lived at: 205 Alcester Road, Kings Heath, Worcestershire - Apprentice

Note on Wife: Dorothy (Dolly) WILSON

Second wife of Bertram Allen Gray (first wife was Milly)


1Daughter - D B Gray
2In person