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Family of Frederick Maskell KING and Bertha WITHY

Husband: Frederick Maskell KING (1860-1925)
Wife: Bertha WITHY (1877-1959)
Children: Edward Lloyd KING (1900-1901)
Herbert KING ( - )
Arthur KING ( - )
Nancy KING (1905-1962)
William KING (1898-1979)
Phyllis KING (1899-1958)
Charles KING (1903-1987)
Marriage 9 Feb 1897

Husband: Frederick Maskell KING

Name: Frederick Maskell KING
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1860
Death 1925 (age 64-65)

Wife: Bertha WITHY


Bertha WITHY, 1895, age 18, Bertha Withy ship launch 1895

Name: Bertha WITHY
Sex: Female
Father: Edward WITHY (1844-1927)
Mother: Anne TREADGOLD (1845-1925)
Birth 1877 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 1959 (age 81-82)

Child 1: Edward Lloyd KING

Name: Edward Lloyd KING
Sex: Male
Birth 1900
Death 11 Mar 1901 (age 0-1)

Child 2: Herbert KING

Name: Herbert KING
Sex: Male

Child 3: Arthur KING

Name: Arthur KING
Sex: Male

Child 4: Nancy KING

Name: Nancy KING
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Donald MOORE (1904-1967)
Birth 1905
Death 29 Aug 1962 (age 56-57)

Child 5: William KING

Name: William KING
Sex: Male
Birth 1898
Death 1979 (age 80-81)

Child 6: Phyllis KING

Name: Phyllis KING
Sex: Female
Birth 1899
Death 1958 (age 58-59)

Child 7: Charles KING

Name: Charles KING
Sex: Male
Birth 1903
Death 1987 (age 83-84)

Note on Husband: Frederick Maskell KING

From The Social Sphere; Observer, Volume XVI, Issue 946, 13 February 1897, Page 10.

A very interesting double wedding was quietly solemnized, on Tuesday last, at the residence of Mr Edward Withy, Parnell the contracting couples being Mr Arthur Withy and Miss Katie Hould, youngest daughter of Mr Houia of Auckland, and Mr Frederick M. King ana Mias Bertha Withy. The Rev. Alfred Peters officiated m the presence of a number of relatives and friends. Mr ana Mrs Withy departed in the Anglian to join the Kaikoura for England, where it ia Mr Withy's intention to resume the journalistic profession. Mr and Mrs King, departed to spend their honeymoon at Rotorua.