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Family of Arthur WITHY and Kate HOULD (or ruth gould?)

Husband: Arthur WITHY (1870-1943)
Wife: Kate HOULD (or ruth gould?) ( - )
Children: Amelia Agnes WITHY ( - )
Kathleen Mary WITHY ( - )
Sophie WITHY (1898- )
Bertha Agness WITHY (1912- )
Marriage 13 Feb 1897

Husband: Arthur WITHY


Arthur WITHY, Arthur Withy (possibly) (2)

Name: Arthur WITHY
Sex: Male
Father: Edward WITHY (1844-1927)
Mother: Anne TREADGOLD (1845-1925)
Birth 9 Feb 1870 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 24 Sep 1943 (age 73) Eastbourne, New Zealand

Wife: Kate HOULD (or ruth gould?)


Kate HOULD (or ruth gould?), arthur and bertha withy weddings 13 feb 1897

Name: Kate HOULD (or ruth gould?)
Sex: Female
Father: Richard A HOULD (c. 1833-c. 1920)
Mother: -

Child 1: Amelia Agnes WITHY

Name: Amelia Agnes WITHY
Sex: Unknown

Child 2: Kathleen Mary WITHY

Name: Kathleen Mary WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: James Lockie STEWART ( - )

Child 3: Sophie WITHY

Name: Sophie WITHY
Sex: Unknown
Birth 1898

Child 4: Bertha Agness WITHY

Name: Bertha Agness WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 1912

Note on Husband: Arthur WITHY

Born in England in 1870,

Was educated at Ashville College, Pannal, Yorkshire (West riding) (It was founded as a Methodist boarding school for boys in 1877) in 1881 Census (with brother Alfred).

Arthur Withy arrived in New Zealand in 1884 with his father, Edward and mother Anne.

An Arthur Edward Withy (BA) was a successful candidate in the Incorporated Law Society examinations on 15 & 16 January 1889 (The Times, February 2, 1889) and on 17 & 18 June 1890 (The Times, July 5, 1890).


He returned to England in April 1892, to acquire training as a journalist.


He was a journalist and prominent single-taxer (i.e. land tax) and follower of Henry George. He was Secretary of the New Zealand Land Values League.


Arthur Withy was a Liberal Party (UK) candidate for South Herefordshire in the United Kingdom in 1895. He returned to New Zealand and stood as a candidate for the New Zealand Liberal Party for the Parnell electorate in 1896.

Following his marriage to Katie Hould (13 february 1897), the couple returned to England, (departing on the Anglian, to join the Kaikoura) where he intended to resume his profession as a Journalist.

In 1901 Census, was living at 22 Station Road, Chingford Village, Essex (next to a Barclays Bank). his occupation was Private Secretary To M P.


He was a member of the United Labour Party National Executive 1912-13 and an Independent Labour candidate for Auckland East in 1911.

In 1913, he lived at Goldie's Bray and Wellington in 1914 and he was still in Wellington in 1942.

Arthur Withy died in 1943. Withy's father Edward Withy had been a shipbuilder in England until he emigrated to New Zealand in 1884. He represented Newton in the New Zealand Parliament from 1887 to 1890.