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Family of Michael Harold FOSTER and Janet BERNSTEIN

Husband: Michael Harold FOSTER (1952- )
Wife: Janet BERNSTEIN (1953- )
Children: Mark John Harold FOSTER (1975- )
Claire Julia FOSTER (1978- )
Marriage 11 May 1974 Westbourne Road Methodist Church, Westkirby

Husband: Michael Harold FOSTER


Michael Harold FOSTER, mike_f

Name: Michael Harold FOSTER1
Sex: Male
Father: Gordon Harold FOSTER (1918-1996)
Mother: Mary Poppy CHRISTIAN (1923-2009)
Birth 8 Mar 1952 Highfield Maternity Hospital, Wallasey
Occupation Pet Shops


Name: Janet BERNSTEIN2
Sex: Female
Father: John BERNSTEIN (1912-1971)
Mother: Gladys LINLEY (1914-2003)
Birth 9 Mar 1953 Hoscope Park Nursing Home, Westkirby
Occupation Self-employed pet shop owner

Child 1: Mark John Harold FOSTER

Name: Mark John Harold FOSTER3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hazel Georgina GARRETT (1976- )
Birth 25 Dec 1975 Clatterbridge Hospital, Bebbington
Occupation Student (1999)

Child 2: Claire Julia FOSTER

Name: Claire Julia FOSTER2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Marc Iestyn HOWELLS (1978- )
Birth 13 Apr 1978 Clatterbridge Hospital, Bebbington
Occupation Student (1999)


1Mother (Mollie Foster) & In person
2In person
3Janet Bernstein (mother)