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Family of Edward I and Eleanor OF CASTILLE

Husband: Edward I (1239-1307)
Wife: Eleanor OF CASTILLE (1241-1290)
Children: Joan of ACRE (1272-1307)
Edward II (1284-1327)
Mary (1279-1332)
[unnamed person] (1277-1278)
Berengaria (1276-c. 1278)
Margaret (c. 1275-c. 1333)
Alphonso (1273-1284)
Juliana CATHERINE (c. 1271-1271)
Eleanor (c. 1269-1298)
Henry (1268-1274)
John (1266-1271)
Joan (c. 1265-c. 1265)
Katherine (1264-1264)
[unnamed person] (1255-1255)
Marriage 1 Nov 1254 Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas in Castile

Husband: Edward I


Edward I, edward_1

Name: Edward I1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: King
Name Suffix: Plantagenet
Nickname: Longshanks
Father: HENRY III (1207-1272)
Mother: Eleanor of PROVENCE (1222-1291)
Birth 17 Jun 1239 Westminster, London, England
Occupation King of England
Death 7 Jul 1307 (age 68) Burgh-On-Sands, Cumberland, England

Wife: Eleanor OF CASTILLE


Eleanor OF CASTILLE, Eleonor of Castille

Name: Eleanor OF CASTILLE1
Sex: Female
Father: Saint FERDINAND III (1199-1252)
Mother: Joan of DAMMARTIN (c. 1200-1279)
Birth 1241 Castile, Spain
Occupation Queen of England
Death Nov 1290 (age 48-49) Harby, Near Lincoln

Child 1: Joan of ACRE


Joan of ACRE, Joan of Acre

Name: Joan of ACRE
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Plantagenet
Spouse 1: Gilbert DE CLARE (1243-1295)
Spouse 2: Ralph de MONTHERMER ( - )
Birth Apr 1272 Acre, Palestine, Holy Land
Death 23 Apr 1307 (age 34-35) Clare, Suffolk, England



ELIZABETH PLANTAGENET, Elizabeth_of_Rhuddlan

Sex: Female
Birth 7 Aug 1282 Rhuddlan Castle, Flint, WALES
Death 5 May 1316 (age 33) Quendon, Essex, ENGLAND

Child 3: Edward II


Edward II, Edward_II_King of_England


Spouse: Isabella CAPET, Isabella_of_France

Name: Edward II1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: King
Name Suffix: Plantagenet
Spouse: Isabella CAPET (1292-1358)
Birth 25 Apr 1284 Caernarfon Castle
Occupation King of England
Death 21 Sep 1327 (age 43) Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England

Child 4: Mary

Name: Mary
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 1279
Death 29 May 1332 (age 53)

Child 5: [unnamed person]

Name: -
Sex: Female
Birth Dec 1277
Death Jan 1278 (age 0)

Child 6: Berengaria

Name: Berengaria
Sex: Female
Birth 1 May 1276
Death c. 1278 (age 1-2)

Child 7: Margaret

Name: Margaret
Sex: Female
Spouse: John II OF BRABANT ( - )
Birth c. 15 Mar 1275
Death c. 1333 (age 57-58)

Child 8: Alphonso

Name: Alphonso
Sex: Male
Birth 24 Nov 1273
Death 19 Aug 1284 (age 10)

Child 9: Juliana CATHERINE

Name: Juliana CATHERINE
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1271
Death 5 Sep 1271 (age 0)

Child 10: Eleanor

Name: Eleanor
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry III COUNT OF BAR (1259-1302)
Birth c. 18 Jun 1269
Death 19 Aug 1298 (age 29)

Child 11: Henry

Name: Henry
Sex: Male
Birth 6 May 1268
Death 14 Oct 1274 (age 6)

Child 12: John

Name: John
Sex: Male
Birth 13 Jul 1266
Death 3 Aug 1271 (age 5)

Child 13: Joan

Name: Joan
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1265
Death c. 1265 (age 0)

Child 14: Katherine

Name: Katherine
Sex: Female
Birth 1264
Death 5 Sep 1264 (age 0)

Child 15: [unnamed person]

Name: -
Sex: Female
Birth 1255
Death 29 May 1255 (age 0)

Note on Husband: Edward I

He was buried on 28 Oct 1307 in Westminster, London, England. He was married to Queen of England, Castile ELEANOR in 1254.

Children were:

i. England Plantagenet JOAN was born in 1272 in Acre, Palestine, Holy Land. She died on 23 Apr 1307 in Clare, Suffolk, England.

ii. England MARGARET was born in 1275. She died in 1318.

iii. England Plantagenet ELIZABETH was born on 7 Aug 1282 in Rhuddlan Castle, Flint, WALES. She died on 5 May 1316 in Quendon, Essex, ENGLAND. She was buried on 23 May 1316 in Walden Abbey, Herts, England.

iv. King of England EDWARD II Plantagenet.


He was also known as Edward Longshanks and the Hammer of the Scots; was King of England from 1272 to 1307

Note on Wife: Eleanor OF CASTILLE

In 1254, English fears of a Castilian invasion of the English province of Gascony induced Edward's father to arrange a politically expedient marriage between his fourteen-year-old son and Eleanor, the half-sister of King Alfonso X of Castile.

Eleanor and Edward were married on 1 November 1254 in the Abbey of Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas in Castile. As part of the marriage agreement, the young prince received grants of land worth 15,000 marks a year.

Though the endowments King Henry made were sizeable, they offered Edward little independence. He had already received Gascony as early as 1249, but Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, had been appointed as royal lieutenant the year before and, consequently, drew its income, so in practice Edward derived neither authority nor revenue from this province. The grant he received in 1254 included most of Ireland, and much land in Wales and England, including the earldom of Chester, but the king retained much control over the land in question, particularly in Ireland, so Edward's power was limited there as well, and the king derived most of the income from those lands.


From 1254 to 1257, Edward was under the influence of his mother's relatives, known as the Savoyards, the most notable of whom was Peter of Savoy, the queen's uncle. After 1257, Edward increasingly fell in with the Poitevin or Lusignan faction — the half-brothers of his father Henry III — led by such men as William de Valence. This association was significant, because the two groups of privileged foreigners were resented by the established English aristocracy, and they would be at the centre of the ensuing years' baronial reform movement.

There were tales of unruly and violent conduct by Edward and his Lusignan kinsmen, which raised questions about the royal heir's personal qualities. The next years would be formative on Edward's character.


Eleanor of Castile was the first queen consort of Edward I of England. She was also Countess of Ponthieu in her own right from 1279 until her death in 1290, succeeding her mother and ruling together with her husband.


Edward married Eleanor at Las Huelgas in Spain (October 1254) and then traveled to Bordeaux to organize his scattered appanage.

Upon her death, Edward erected the famous Eleanor Crosses--several of which still stand--at each place where her coffin rested on its way to London. The best known are at Banbury and Charring (London)


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