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Family of Gilbert DE CLARE and Joan of ACRE

Husband: Gilbert DE CLARE (1243-1295)
Wife: Joan of ACRE (1272-1307)
Children: Gilbert de CLARE (1291-1314)
Eleanor DE CLARE (1292-1337)
Elizabeth de CLARE ( - )
Margaret de CLARE ( - )
Marriage c. 1290

Husband: Gilbert DE CLARE

Name: Gilbert DE CLARE
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Earl of Gloucester
Father: Richard de CLARE (1243-1295)
Mother: Maud de LACY ( - )
Birth 2 Sep 1243 Christchurch, Hampshire
Occupation 9th Lord of Clare and 7th Earl of Hertford
Death 7 Dec 1295 (age 52) Monmouth Castle

Wife: Joan of ACRE


Joan of ACRE, Joan of Acre

Name: Joan of ACRE
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: Plantagenet
Father: Edward I (1239-1307)
Mother: Eleanor OF CASTILLE (1241-1290)
Birth Apr 1272 Acre, Palestine, Holy Land
Death 23 Apr 1307 (age 34-35) Clare, Suffolk, England

Child 1: Gilbert de CLARE

Name: Gilbert de CLARE
Sex: Male
Birth 10 May 1291
Occupation 4th Earl of Gloucester
Death 24 Jun 1314 (age 23) Bannockburn

Child 2: Eleanor DE CLARE


Spouse: Hugh LE DISPENSER, 1326, age 40, Execution of HughDespenser

Name: Eleanor DE CLARE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh LE DISPENSER (1286-1326)
Birth 3 Oct 1292 Caerphilly in Glamorgan, Wales
Death 30 Jun 1337 (age 44)

Child 3: Elizabeth de CLARE

Name: Elizabeth de CLARE
Sex: Female

Child 4: Margaret de CLARE

Name: Margaret de CLARE
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Gilbert DE CLARE

Also known as "Red" Gilbert de Clare, probably because of his hair colour.

Note on Wife: Joan of ACRE

The daughter of King Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile. The name "Acre" derives from her birthplace in the Holy Land while her parents were on a crusade.


She was married twice; her first husband was Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester, one of the most powerful nobles in her father's kingdom; her second husband was Ralph de Monthermer, a squire in her household whom she married in secrecy.


Joan is most notable for the claim that miracles have allegedly taken place at her grave, and for the multiple references of her in literature.