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Family of Robert DE TODINI and Adeliza DE BELVOIR

Husband: Robert DE TODINI ( - )
Wife: Adeliza DE BELVOIR ( - )
Children: Adeliza DE TODINI (c. 1064-c. 1135)

Husband: Robert DE TODINI

Name: Robert DE TODINI
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lord
Name Suffix: of Belvoir
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Adeliza DE BELVOIR

Name: Adeliza DE BELVOIR
Sex: Female
Father: Osulf Fil FRANE ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: Adeliza DE TODINI

Name: Adeliza DE TODINI
Sex: Female
Spouse: Roger BIGOD (c. 1060-1107)
Birth c. 1064 St Saveur France
Death c. 1135 (age 70-71)