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Family of Rollo 'the Granger' RAGNVALDSSON and Papia (Poppa)de VALOIS

Husband: Rollo 'the Granger' RAGNVALDSSON (c. 846-c. 932)
Wife: Papia (Poppa)de VALOIS (c. 848-c. 932)
Children: William I "Longsword" RAGNVALDSSON (c. 900-942)
Marriage c. 0886

Husband: Rollo 'the Granger' RAGNVALDSSON

Name: Rollo 'the Granger' RAGNVALDSSON
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: 1st D. Normandy
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 0846 Upland, Denmark
Death c. 0932 (age 85-86)

Wife: Papia (Poppa)de VALOIS

Name: Papia (Poppa)de VALOIS
Sex: Female
Name Suffix: of Senlis
Father: Pepin III ( - )
Mother: -
Birth c. 0848
Death c. 0932 (age 83-84)

Child 1: William I "Longsword" RAGNVALDSSON

Name: William I "Longsword" RAGNVALDSSON
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: 2nd Duke of Normandy
Spouse: Sporta (Adele) SENLIS ( - )
Birth c. 0900 Rouen, France
Death 17 Dec 0942 (age 41-42)