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Family of Ralph De ALBINI and Sibilla De VALOGNES

Husband: Ralph De ALBINI (c. 1134-c. 1192)
Wife: Sibilla De VALOGNES ( - )
Children: Ralph De AUBIGNE (1173-c. 1206)
Matilda De ALBINI ( - )
Alice De ALBINI ( - )
Gunnora De ALBINI ( - )
Phillip De ALBINI ( -c. 1235)
John De ALBINI ( - )
Oliver De ALBINI ( - )
Marriage c. 1165 Somersetshire, England

Husband: Ralph De ALBINI

Name: Ralph De ALBINI
Sex: Male
Father: William "Pincerna" D'AUBIGNY (c. 1070-1139)
Mother: Cecilia BIGOD (c. 1070- )
Birth c. 1134 South Petherton, Somersetshire, England
Death c. 1192 (age 57-58) Holy Land, Acre, Palestine

Wife: Sibilla De VALOGNES

Name: Sibilla De VALOGNES
Sex: Female
Father: Geoffrey De VALOGNES ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: Ralph De AUBIGNE

Name: Ralph De AUBIGNE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maud De MONTSOREL ( - )
Birth 1173 South Ingleby, Lincolnshire, England
Death c. 1206 (age 32-33)

Child 2: Matilda De ALBINI

Name: Matilda De ALBINI
Sex: Female

Child 3: Alice De ALBINI

Name: Alice De ALBINI
Sex: Female

Child 4: Gunnora De ALBINI

Name: Gunnora De ALBINI
Sex: Female

Child 5: Phillip De ALBINI

Name: Phillip De ALBINI
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Baron Governor of Ludlow
Occupation Warden of the Channel Islands (1207)
Death c. 1235 Palestine
Burial Church Of The Holy Sepulchure, Jerusalem.

Child 6: John De ALBINI

Name: John De ALBINI
Sex: Male

Child 7: Oliver De ALBINI

Name: Oliver De ALBINI
Sex: Male