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Family of Phillip D'AUBENEY and Catherine COURTENAY

Husband: Phillip D'AUBENEY (c. 1251-1294)
Wife: Catherine COURTENAY (c. 1255- )
Marriage c. 1275

Husband: Phillip D'AUBENEY

Name: Phillip D'AUBENEY
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: Sir Knight
Father: Ralph De ALBINI (c. 1214-c. 1290)
Mother: Isabel De MAWLEY ( - )
Birth c. 1251 South Ingleby, Lincolnshire, England
Death 16 Jul 1294 (age 42-43) Spain

Wife: Catherine COURTENAY

Name: Catherine COURTENAY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1255