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Family of Robert TYLER and Christiana CHAPMAN

Husband: Robert TYLER (c. 1796- )
Wife: Christiana CHAPMAN (c. 1798- )
Children: Sarah TYLER (c. 1826-c. 1916)

Husband: Robert TYLER

Name: Robert TYLER
Sex: Male
Father: Robert TYLER (c. 1768-1836)
Mother: Sarah ELKINGTON (1771-1846)
Birth c. 1796 Martin, Lincolnshire, England

Wife: Christiana CHAPMAN

Name: Christiana CHAPMAN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1798 Chapel Hill, Lincolnshire, England

Child 1: Sarah TYLER

Name: Sarah TYLER
Sex: Female
Spouse: George BROWN (1822-c. 1900)
Birth c. 1826 Wellingore, Lincolnshire, England
Death c. Apr 1916 (age 89-90) Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England