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Family of John PEARSON and Elizabeth

Husband: John PEARSON (c. 1820- )
Wife: Elizabeth (1822- )
Children: Herbert PEARSON (1867- )
Emily PEARSON (1857- )
Rose A PEARSON (c. 1860- )
Betsy PEARSON (1863- )

Husband: John PEARSON

Name: John PEARSON
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick PEARSON (c. 1790- )
Mother: Ann EDWARDS (c. 1786- )
Birth c. 1820 Branston, Lincolnshire, England
Occupation Wheelwright Master

Wife: Elizabeth

Name: Elizabeth
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1822 Washingborough, Lincolnshire

Child 1: Herbert PEARSON


Herbert PEARSON, 1911Census-Herbert Pearson RG14-19-7-03-19703_0027_03

Name: Herbert PEARSON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Alice FOSTER (c. 1870- )
Birth 1867 Branston, Lincolnshire, England
Occupation Carpenter & Wheelwright

Child 2: Emily PEARSON

Name: Emily PEARSON
Sex: Female
Birth 1857 Branston, Lincolnshire, England

Child 3: Rose A PEARSON

Name: Rose A PEARSON
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1860 Branston, Lincolnshire, England

Child 4: Betsy PEARSON

Name: Betsy PEARSON
Sex: Female
Birth 1863 Branston, Lincolnshire, England

Note on Husband: John PEARSON

In 1881 Census, also living at "High Street, Branston" with the family is: James BROWN, Grand Son aged 5 (b 1876 in Manchester, Lancashire) and Frederick BUTLER, Nephew, aged 21 (b 1860 in Lincoln, Middlesex) - a Wheelwright

Note on Wife: Elizabeth

may be elizabeth Fotherby - married in 1844, possibly to a John Pearson