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Family of John V of BRITTANY and Mary of WALTHAM

Husband: John V of BRITTANY ( - )
Wife: Mary of WALTHAM (1344-1362)
Marriage 3 Jul 1361 Woodstock Palace

Husband: John V of BRITTANY

Name: John V of BRITTANY
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Mary of WALTHAM


Mary of WALTHAM, Mary_Plantagenet_of_Brittany

Name: Mary of WALTHAM
Sex: Female
Father: EDWARD III (1312-1377)
Mother: Philippa of HAINAULT ( - )
Birth 10 Oct 1344
Death 1362 (age 17-18)

Note on Wife: Mary of WALTHAM

Mary was betrothed in childhood to John V of Brittany, who grew up with her. As it is reported in some sources, the betrothal was held c. 1355.


In 1348 Mary met her mother and sister-in-law Joanna. Then in 1360 she went to stay with her sister-in-law Blanche of Lancaster.


On July, 03, 1361 she and John were married at Woodstock Palace and acknowledged as Duke and Duchess of Brittany.


Within thirty weeks of marriage (March, 1362) Mary became lethargic and died, she was buried in Abingdon Abbey with her sister Margaret, Countess of Pembroke, who died weeks before her. John would marry again, firstly to Joan Holland (1366) (a cousin of Richard II of England) and secondly to Joanna of Navarre (1386).


Mary's statue can still be seen on south side of the tomb of Edward III of England in Westminster Abbey. She never did visit Brittany.