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Family of Henry Hindley FOSTER and Hannah Baker YORK

Husband: Henry Hindley FOSTER (1853- )
Wife: Hannah Baker YORK (1851- )
Children: Henry Hindley FOSTER (1875- )
Hannah Elizabeth FOSTER (1877- )
John William FOSTER (1880- )
Emma Florence FOSTER (1883- )
Pheobe Jane FOSTER (1885- )
George FOSTER (1890- )
Charlotte Maud FOSTER (1893- )
Marriage frm 1 Oct 1874 to 31 Dec 1874

Husband: Henry Hindley FOSTER

Name: Henry Hindley FOSTER
Sex: Male
Father: John FOSTER (c. 1811-c. 1878)
Mother: Ann HINDLEY (c. 1816-c. 1860)
Birth 1853 Reepham, Lincolnshire

Wife: Hannah Baker YORK

Name: Hannah Baker YORK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1851 North Hykeham, Lincolnshire, England

Child 1: Henry Hindley FOSTER

Name: Henry Hindley FOSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Maria HARRIS (1879- )
Birth 1875 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England
Occupation Railway Signalman

Child 2: Hannah Elizabeth FOSTER

Name: Hannah Elizabeth FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Martin BUTLER (1878- )
Birth 1877 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Child 3: John William FOSTER

Name: John William FOSTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1880 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Child 4: Emma Florence FOSTER

Name: Emma Florence FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Henry CUTLER (1876- )
Birth 1883 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Child 5: Pheobe Jane FOSTER

Name: Pheobe Jane FOSTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1885 Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Child 6: George FOSTER

Name: George FOSTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1890 Washingborough, Lincolnshire, England

Child 7: Charlotte Maud FOSTER

Name: Charlotte Maud FOSTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1893 Sheffield, Yorkshire, England