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Family of William Coventry Henry WADDELL and Julia Anna COBB

Husband: William Coventry Henry WADDELL (1802-1884)
Wife: Julia Anna COBB ( - )
Children: Susan Alice WADDELL (1834- )
Henry Coventry WADDELL (1832- )
Andrew Cobb WADDELL (1836-1917)
Lloyd Daubeney WADDELL (1838-1841)
Marriage 2 Jan 1827 Morris County, New Jersey

Husband: William Coventry Henry WADDELL

Name: William Coventry Henry WADDELL
Sex: Male
Father: Henry WADDELL ( - )
Mother: Eliza Martin DAUBENEY ( - )
Birth 1802 New York City, New York County, New York
Death Jun 1884 (age 81-82) New York City, New York County, New York

Wife: Julia Anna COBB

Name: Julia Anna COBB
Sex: Female
Father: Lemuel Bowers COBB ( - )
Mother: Susannah FARRAND ( - )

Child 1: Susan Alice WADDELL

Name: Susan Alice WADDELL
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Sep 1834 Parsippany, New Jersey

Child 2: Henry Coventry WADDELL

Name: Henry Coventry WADDELL
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Sep 1832

Child 3: Andrew Cobb WADDELL

Name: Andrew Cobb WADDELL
Sex: Male
Birth 25 May 1836
Death 14 Apr 1917 (age 80)
Burial 1917 Vail Cemetery, Parsippany, Morris, New Jersey

Child 4: Lloyd Daubeney WADDELL

Name: Lloyd Daubeney WADDELL
Sex: Male
Birth 17 May 1838
Death 20 Jun 1841 (age 3) Parsippany, Morris County, New Jersey

Note on Husband: William Coventry Henry WADDELL

Colonial and Revolutionary Families of Pennsylvania, Volumes I-III

Waddell-Smith Family


"Lloyd Daubeney was the only surviving son in 1768 of Mr. Lloyd Daubeney of

Bristol, 2nd son, baptised at St. Nicholas there 9th November 1718, buried at

St. James in that city 22 December 1754 Admon, granted 16th Jan. 1755. He

married Ducibella (Dulcibella) Saxbury daughter of --- Saxbury of Bristol at

St. James Church 4th Feb. 1742. His father was George Daubeney eldest son,

born Buckshaw Hill in the Parish of Holwell Somersetshire, buried at St.

James, Bristol 28 Feb. 1740. He married Jane Lloyd of Bristol * * *.


William Coventry Henry Waddell and Julia Anna Cobb had:


26. Susan Alice Waddell, b. September 26, 1834, Parsippany, New Jersey, m. April 8, 1868, New York City, George Washington Smith, b. Troy (now Troy Hills), Morris County, New Jersey, October 2, 1832, removed, 1856, to Monee, Illinois, thence, in 1868, to Madison, New Jersey, and finally, in 1885, to Parsippany, New Jersey, son of Hiram Smith, of Troy, New Jersey, b. there August 25, 1799, and there d. September 14, 1865, buried Parsippany (and his wife, Mary Allen Osborne, of Parsippany, b. April 25, 1802, at Parsippany, m. September 19, 1822, d. Troy, April 16, 1872, buried at Parsippany, of whom presently), son of Lieutenant-Colonel Hiram Smith, of Troy, b. New Jersey, December 22, 1756, d. April 27, 1833, buried Parsippany, served in the war of the Revolution as private, sergeant, and lieutenant in the third regiment of “Jersey Line,” Continental army, served also in the eastern battalion, New Jersey Malitia, and was major and lieutenant-colonel of the Fourth, or “lower” regiment of militia of Morris County, 1793-1801, high sheriff of Morris County, 1794-97, member of assembly, 1791-2, and county judge, 1800-1805 [and his wife Eleanor Parrett, daughter of Samuel Parrett, of Troy (whose father, Samuel Parrett, was in Elizabethtown as early as 1704), and his wife, Eleanor Alling, only child of Joseph Alling, of Elizabethtown, New Jersey, later of Troy, New Jersey, and one of the earliest settlers and proprietors of that place], eldest son of Benjamin Smith, of Troy, b. 1725 (and his wife, Hannah Dod, daughter of Lieutenant Samuel Dod, of Orange, New Jersey, son of Samuel Dod, of Newark, son of Daniel and Mary Dod, both of Brantford, Connecticut, as early as 1646-7), son of Richard Smith, of Troy, one of the earliest settlers of that place.