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Family of Ralph LUMLEY (1° B. LUMLEY) and Eleanor NEVILLE

Husband: Ralph LUMLEY (1° B. LUMLEY) (c. 1362-c. 1399)
Wife: Eleanor NEVILLE ( - )
Marriage c. 1377 Raby, Durham, England

Husband: Ralph LUMLEY (1° B. LUMLEY)

Name: Ralph LUMLEY (1° B. LUMLEY)
Sex: Male
Father: Marmaduke LUMLEY (1314-1365)
Mother: Margaret HOLLAND (c. 1330- )
Birth c. 1362
Death c. 5 Jan 1399 (age 36-37)

Wife: Eleanor NEVILLE

Name: Eleanor NEVILLE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Note on Husband: Ralph LUMLEY (1° B. LUMLEY)

was but thirteen years of age when he inherited, through the death of his brother in 1374, the manors of Moresome Magna, Moreseom Parva, Lythum, Merske, Brocton, Hylderwell, Skyneer Green, Lyvertoun, North Cave, Rotese-on-the-wolds, Lound, Langtose, Swaythorpe, Thorpe juxta Kilton, Foxholes, Thweng with the advowson of the church, Kilton Castle, Stotevil fee and Blum-fee. In 1385 when he was knighted and created first Lord of Lumley, he owned, besides the estates mentioned, other estates in the Bishopric of Durham, the manors of East and West Chivington and other tenements and incomes.

From 1385 until the deposition of Richard II, in 1399, he was a Member of Parliament with the barons of the realm. In 1385 the family had won such recognition that Ralph Lumley was knighted and created the first Lord of Lumley.

Lord Lumley had been slain in the capture, dying, as he had lived, a true subject of King Richard, to whom he had sworn fealty.