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Family of Simon De MONTAGUE and Aufricia

Husband: Simon De MONTAGUE (c. 1250-c. 1316)
Wife: Aufricia ( - )
Children: William MONTAGUE (c. 1275-1319)

Husband: Simon De MONTAGUE

Name: Simon De MONTAGUE
Sex: Male
Name Suffix: (1º B. Montagu)
Father: William De MONTAGUE (c. 1213-c. 1270)
Mother: Beota ( - )
Birth c. 1250
Death c. 1316 (age 65-66)

Wife: Aufricia

Name: Aufricia
Sex: Female
Father: Fergus ( - )
Mother: -

Child 1: William MONTAGUE

Name: William MONTAGUE
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Lord
Name Suffix: (2º B. Montagu)
Spouse: Elizabeth De MONTFORT (c. 1275-c. 1354)
Birth c. 1275
Death 1319 (age 43-44) Gascony
Burial Fridiswide Church, Oxford, England

Note on Husband: Simon De MONTAGUE

Married Aufricia, dau. of Fergus, King of the Isle of Man, descended from Orry, King of Denmark. He became in her right King of Man, and both the isle, and the title as King of the isle, descended to his son and grandson.