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Family of Henry WITHY (Sir) and Mary Forest PERRY

Husband: Henry WITHY (Sir) (1852-1922)
Wife: Mary Forest PERRY (1856-1909)
Children: Vivian WITHY (1880-1922)
Henry Daubeny WITHY (1882-1914)
Bertram WITHY (1883- )
Ernest WITHY (1884-1921)
Basil WITHY (1886-1916)
Ethel Mary WITHY (1888-1974)
Rachel Madeline WITHY (1891-1979)
Marriage 1879 Stockton, Durham

Husband: Henry WITHY (Sir)



Name: Henry WITHY (Sir)1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Sir
Father: Edward WITHY (1812-1860)
Mother: Sarah ATREE (1810-1897)
Birth 11 Nov 1852 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Occupation Manager Ironship Building
Death 31 May 1922 (age 69)
Burial 1922 (age 69) Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew, Durham

Wife: Mary Forest PERRY

Name: Mary Forest PERRY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1856
Death 11 Sep 1909 (age 52-53) Brentford House, west Hartlepool

Child 1: Vivian WITHY


Vivian WITHY, vivian withy death

Name: Vivian WITHY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Barbera CAMERON ( - )
Birth 20 Sep 1880 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 20 Jan 1922 (age 41)

Child 2: Henry Daubeny WITHY


Henry Daubeny WITHY, henry daubney withy estate

Name: Henry Daubeny WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Emily WILSON (c. 1880- )
Birth 16 Mar 1882 West Hartlepool, Durham
Occupation Superintendent Marine Engineer
Death 10 Feb 1914 (age 31) Hartlepool

Child 3: Bertram WITHY

Name: Bertram WITHY1
Sex: Male
Birth 1883 West Hartlepool, Durham

Child 4: Ernest WITHY

Name: Ernest WITHY1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eileen DURLACHER ( - )
Birth 26 May 1884 West Hartlepool, Durham
Occupation Agent For India Rubber Manufacturers
Death 1921 (age 36-37)

Child 5: Basil WITHY


Basil WITHY, cruise1 (2)

Name: Basil WITHY1
Sex: Male
Birth 31 Jan 1886 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 2 Jul 1916 (age 30)

Child 6: Ethel Mary WITHY

Name: Ethel Mary WITHY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Hugh Douglas PYMAN (1884-1911)
Birth 28 Aug 1888 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 5 Dec 1974 (age 86)

Child 7: Rachel Madeline WITHY

Name: Rachel Madeline WITHY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kenneth MACLELLAN (1889-1981)
Birth 31 Dec 1891 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 16 Apr 1979 (age 87)

Note on Husband: Henry WITHY (Sir)

In 1861 census, was a pupil at Brean Villa School, Camden Terrace, Weston Super Mare, Somersetshire.

Attended Sidcot School between 1862 and 1867.


in the 1871 census, lived at Raglan Place, Stranton, West Hartlepool. occupation shown as apprentice Shipbuilder.


After Edward Withy emigrated in 1884, selling his shares to shipowner Christopher Furness, Henry was employed as Managing Director of the EDWARD WITHY & Company Shipyard. After 1891 the yard operated as Furness, Withy.


In the 1881 census, lived at 11, Thornton St, Stranton, Durham


In the 1891 census, lived at Grange House, Grange Road, Stranton, West Hartlepool


In the 1901 and 1911 census, lived at: Brantford House Blakelock Road West Hartlepool


in 1902 / 3, Henry Withy was a member of the committee of the North-east coast Institution of Engineers and Shipbuilders


Henry Withy, of Brentford House, was a Borough Magistrate in 1914


In 1916, he made a donation of £500 to the local hospital to provide a cot, in memory of Basil Withy.

Note on Wife: Mary Forest PERRY

Death published in The Times Sept 13th 1909


1Barbara & David Withy