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Family of Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN and Jean Forrester PATON

Husband: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN (1916- )
Wife: Jean Forrester PATON (1927-2008)
Children: Ingrid MACLELLAN (1953- )
Andrew MACLELLAN (1955- )
Peter MACLELLAN (1959- )
David MACLELLAN (1962- )

Husband: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN

Name: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Father: Kenneth MACLELLAN (1889-1981)
Mother: Rachel Madeline WITHY (1891-1979)
Birth 30 Aug 1916
Occupation MacLellan Rubber

Wife: Jean Forrester PATON

Name: Jean Forrester PATON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Sep 1927
Death 11 Mar 2008 (age 80)

Child 1: Ingrid MACLELLAN

Name: Ingrid MACLELLAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1953

Child 2: Andrew MACLELLAN

Name: Andrew MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Angela DENHAM (1954- )
Birth 1955

Child 3: Peter MACLELLAN

Sex: Male
Birth 1959

Child 4: David MACLELLAN

Sex: Male
Birth 1962

Note on Husband: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN

Named after Rachel's brother Basil who died at The Somme (2 Jul 1916 aged 30 yrs just weeks before Rachel's son Kenneth Basil was born).


He worked for MacLellan Rubber.


He is living in Inverness