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Family of Edward WITHY and Sarah ATREE

Husband: Edward WITHY (1812-1860)
Wife: Sarah ATREE (1810-1897)
Children: Rachel WITHY (1840-1928)
George WITHY (1842-1928)
Sarah WITHY (1844-1844)
Edward WITHY (1844-1927)
Samuel WITHY (1846-1851)
Alfred WITHY (1849-1911)
Henry WITHY (Sir) (1852-1922)
Marriage 14 Jan 1840 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Husband: Edward WITHY


Edward WITHY, Annie_Treadgold_family

Name: Edward WITHY
Sex: Male
Father: George (junior) WITHY (1763-1837)
Mother: Lydia HARWOOD (1772-1860)
Birth 6 Mar 1812 Downend, Bristol, Gloucestershire
Occupation Woollen Draper & tailor
Death 31 May 1860 (age 48)

Wife: Sarah ATREE


Sarah ATREE, Sarah atree

Name: Sarah ATREE
Sex: Female
Father: John ATREE (c. 1783-1822)
Mother: Sarah Vaughan DAUBENY (c. 1791-1855)
Birth 23 Feb 1810
Death 13 Feb 1897 (age 86)

Child 1: Rachel WITHY


Rachel WITHY, Image 30.01.2014 21.15.57 0157

Name: Rachel WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 27 Dec 1840 Portland Square, Bristol
Death 10 Feb 1928 (age 87)

Child 2: George WITHY


George WITHY, G and e withy business dissolved_1822

Name: George WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily HODGSON (c. 1849-1924)
Birth 30 Jul 1842 Gloucestershire
Occupation Grocer's Clerk
Death 6 Dec 1928 (age 86)

Child 3: Sarah WITHY

Name: Sarah WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 12 Jan 1844 Bristol, Gloucester
Death 24 Jan 1844 (age 0)

Child 4: Edward WITHY


Edward WITHY, edward withy husband of annie treadgold


Spouse: Anne TREADGOLD, Annie_Treadgold_family

Name: Edward WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anne TREADGOLD (1845-1925)
Birth 22 Dec 1844 Bristol, Gloucester
Death 26 Mar 1927 (age 82) St. Luke's, Jersey, Channel lslands

Child 5: Samuel WITHY


Samuel WITHY, 1846, age 0, Samuel Withy birth 1846

Name: Samuel WITHY
Sex: Male
Birth 15 Oct 1846 Bristol, Gloucester
Death 6 Jul 1851 (age 4)

Child 6: Alfred WITHY


Alfred WITHY, 151 Stocton Road West Hartlepool

Name: Alfred WITHY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Ann OLDFIELD (1851-1921)
Birth 17 Nov 1849
Occupation Grocers Clerk
Death 20 Mar 1911 (age 61)

Child 7: Henry WITHY (Sir)



Name: Henry WITHY (Sir)1
Sex: Male
Name Prefix: Sir
Spouse: Mary Forest PERRY (1856-1909)
Birth 11 Nov 1852 Bristol, Gloucestershire
Occupation Manager Ironship Building
Death 31 May 1922 (age 69)
Burial 1922 (age 69) Holy Trinity, Seaton Carew, Durham

Note on Husband: Edward WITHY

In Pigot's Directory of Gloucestershire, 1830, WITHY, LITTLE & WITHY are listed as "Woollen Draper" at 11 Bridge Street, Bristol.


In Mathews' Bristol & Clifton Directory, 1851, edward Withy Woolen Draper and Tailor, 12 Bridge Street.


In 1841 census, lived at; Bishop St, St Paul, Bristol


In1851 census, was visiting James Tanner with his son Edward Withy Jr.


Gazette Issue 20951 published on the 2 March 1849. Page 18 of 36 (

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership lately subsisting between the undersigned, Edward Withy and Thomas Peter Collins, of the city of Bristol, Woollen Drapers and Tailors, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. - Dated this 28th day of February 1849.

Edward Withy,

Thos. Peter Collins.

Was a Brush Manufacturer in 1857 in Bridge Street, Bristol


Marriage GRO Ref: Bristol 11 199 at the Society of Friends Quaker

Note on Wife: Sarah ATREE

In 1851 census, lived at 12, Bridge Street, Saint Mary Le Port, Bristol (1851 Census HO107 piece 1948 folio 145 page 10 - County: Gloucestershire; recorded as "Withey")

Note that there is also a "visitor" - Mary Simpson, from deptford, Kent.


In 1861 (recorded as "Withey") - Widow, Proprietor Of Gas Shares, Bristol Address: 8, Upper Berkeley Place, St Augustine, Bristol


In 1871 census, lived at Raglan Place, Stranton, West Hartlepool - occupation shown as Annuitant (i.e. receiving a sum of money from an estate or insurance).

In 1881 census, lived at 29, Thornton St, Stranton, Durham (Income From Dividends). Also in house were Rachael (Daughter - Single) and Harold Withhy (Grand Son, age 5 - Scholar born West Hartlepool, Durham).


1Barbara & David Withy