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Family of Kenneth MACLELLAN and Rachel Madeline WITHY

Husband: Kenneth MACLELLAN (1889-1981)
Wife: Rachel Madeline WITHY (1891-1979)
Children: Peter Desmond MACLELLAN (1914-2006)
Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN (1916- )
John Derek Harwood MACLELLAN (1919- )
Andrew Patrick Withy MACLELLAN (1925- )
Marriage 2 Apr 1913 Stranton Parish Church, W Hartelpool

Husband: Kenneth MACLELLAN

Name: Kenneth MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Father: Peter MACLELLAN (1856- )
Mother: Helen E MACLELLAN (1865- )
Birth 8 Dec 1889 Lanarkshire, Scotland
Occupation MacLellan Rubber
Death 7 Nov 1981 (age 91)

Wife: Rachel Madeline WITHY

Name: Rachel Madeline WITHY
Sex: Female
Father: Henry WITHY (Sir) (1852-1922)
Mother: Mary Forest PERRY (1856-1909)
Birth 31 Dec 1891 West Hartlepool, Durham
Death 16 Apr 1979 (age 87)

Child 1: Peter Desmond MACLELLAN

Name: Peter Desmond MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Myra Ord GIBSON ( - )
Birth 14 Sep 1914
Occupation doctor
Death 30 Nov 2006 (age 92)

Child 2: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN

Name: Kenneth Basil Withy MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jean Forrester PATON (1927-2008)
Birth 30 Aug 1916
Occupation MacLellan Rubber

Child 3: John Derek Harwood MACLELLAN

Name: John Derek Harwood MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Birth 23 Sep 1919
Occupation accountant

Child 4: Andrew Patrick Withy MACLELLAN

Name: Andrew Patrick Withy MACLELLAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary BAGNELL ( - )
Birth 29 Nov 1925

Note on Husband: Kenneth MACLELLAN

Kenneth MacLELLAN was involved in the family firm MacLellan Rubber (est 1871 Glasgow) and later was its Chairman

Rachel and Kenneth lived in Bearsden, Glasgow & they had four sons

Note on Wife: Rachel Madeline WITHY

Rachel was bridesmaid to Dora nannette Pyman in 1912.