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Family of Joseph STURGE and Mary FRANCUM

Husband: Joseph STURGE (1668- )
Wife: Mary FRANCUM (1676- )
Children: Nathan STURGE (1715-1802)
Marriage 1697

Husband: Joseph STURGE

Name: Joseph STURGE
Sex: Male
Father: William STURGE (c. 1642- )
Mother: Mary WALKER ( - )
Birth 1668 Olverston, Gloucester, England

Wife: Mary FRANCUM

Name: Mary FRANCUM
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1676 Olverston, Gloucester, England

Child 1: Nathan STURGE

Name: Nathan STURGE
Sex: Male
Birth 1715 Olverston, Gloucester, England
Death 1802 (age 86-87)

Note on Husband: Joseph STURGE

Ridge Wood - as its name implies – is a tree-covered wedge of high ground that marks the boundary between Yate and Chipping Sodbury. Part of this woodland is believed to be ancient, but in past times, much of this landscape is likely to have been far more open.


Ridge House


This was a mansion house which remained in existence until the mid 20th century. It was surrounded by pleasure gardens. The year in which it first appeared is as yet unknown.


Ridge Families


Kelly’s Directory and the census returns yield valuable information regarding the inhabitants of Ridge House throughout the years.


In 1856, the house was occupied by William Sturge, who was a farmer. Incidentally, a Toby W Sturge lived at Lawn (close to St Mary’s Church in Yate) and it is possible that he may have been a relation. The Sturge family in Bristol had strong Quaker connections and became very influential members of society. Joseph Sturge IV (born 1724) was a farmer and land surveyor who formed the Bristol firm of J P Sturge & Sons. Another Joseph Sturge was renowned as a philanthropist who campaigned against slavery.


During the 17th Century, a William Sturge married Mary Walker and formed the Yate branch of this family - their home was described as a”fine old house in Yate”. It is likely that the William Sturge of 1856 was a descendant of this first William.


In 1859, we find documents relating to an alteration of a right of way across the fields immediately to the west of The Ridge which eventually cross the latter. The alteration seems to have been made in order to benefit Messrs J H and W W Marsh as it gave them easier access to their land. It does not appear that the Marsh family were resident at The Ridge as in 1861, William Sturge is still given as the occupant. It is possible that Sturge was a tenant of the Marsh family. He is described as being in possession of 68 acres and 2 servants, so it would seem that the estate has somewhat increased in size since 1837