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Family of Sampson LLOYD and Sarah PARKES

Husband: Sampson LLOYD (1699-1779)
Wife: Sarah PARKES ( - )
Children: Sampson LLOYD (1728- )
Marriage 29 Sep 1727

Husband: Sampson LLOYD

Name: Sampson LLOYD
Sex: Male
Father: Sampson LLOYD (1664-1692)
Mother: Mary CROWLEY (1677- )
Birth 15 May 1699 Birmingham, Warwick, England
Occupation Banker
Death 1779 (age 79-80)

Wife: Sarah PARKES

Name: Sarah PARKES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Sampson LLOYD

Name: Sampson LLOYD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachel BARNES ( - )
Birth 2 Aug 1728

Note on Husband: Sampson LLOYD

Founding father of Lloyds Bank - In 1765, at the age of 66, he formed a company with the button maker John Taylor (1711–1775) and his own son, Sampson (3rd), creating Birmingham's first bank: Taylor's and Lloyds, located at 7 Dale End. This is the bank which became Lloyds Bank, and then Lloyds TSB.