Family of John STURGE

Partner: John STURGE (c. 1550- )
Partner: (unknown)
Children: Thomas STURGE (c. 1575- )

Partner: John STURGE

Name: John STURGE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1550

Child 1: Thomas STURGE

Name: Thomas STURGE
Sex: Male
Spouse: [unnamed person] ( - )
Birth c. 1575 Frampton Cotteral, South Gloucestershire

Note on Husband: John STURGE

Member of Society of friends (Quakers)


Attendance at Meeting formed an important part of family life.


The Minutes of a Quarterly Meeting 1697, showed that Thomas Sturge of Gaunts, Earthcott, had helped to raise money for the Frenchay Meeting House.


Younger members did not always see eye to eye with the Elders, as 118 years later in 1815, another Thomas Sturge (Josephs VII father) anxiously prepared himself to ask the Olveston Meeting for permission to marry.


As members of the Society of Friends, it was necessary for them to state their intetions and obtain the approval of their respective Meetings.