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Family of Maurice Wendell WILSON and Hilda GLENSOR

Husband: Maurice Wendell WILSON (1913-1983)
Wife: Hilda GLENSOR (1917-1966)
Children: WILSON ( - )

Husband: Maurice Wendell WILSON


Maurice Wendell WILSON, hilda and maurice glensor 1947 (2)

Name: Maurice Wendell WILSON
Sex: Male
Father: John Wilfred (Uncle Jack) WILSON (1885-1954)
Mother: Beatrice May (Trixie) ANDREWS (1888-1967)
Birth 1913
Death 1983 (age 69-70)

Wife: Hilda GLENSOR


Hilda GLENSOR, hilda glensor

Name: Hilda GLENSOR
Sex: Female
Father: George Harold GLENSOR (c. 1892-1950)
Mother: Evelyn GOULD ( - )
Birth 1917
Death 1966 (age 48-49)

Child 1: WILSON

Sex: Unknown