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Family of John WITHY and Mary WRIGHT

Husband: John WITHY (1809-1882)
Wife: Mary WRIGHT (1815-1886)
Children: Mary Elizabeth WITHY (1846-1888)
Frances Louisa WITHY (1848-1928)
Lydia Harwood WITHY (1849-1849)
Eleanor Rachel WITHY (1851- )
Annie (or Anna) Maria WITHY (1853- )
Emily Harwood WITHY (1854-1937)
Lydia Caroline WITHY (1856-1936)
Marriage 14 Jul 1840 London

Husband: John WITHY

Name: John WITHY1
Sex: Male
Father: George (junior) WITHY (1763-1837)
Mother: Lydia HARWOOD (1772-1860)
Birth 2 Oct 1809 Mangotsfield, Gloucestershire
Occupation Comercial Clerk
Death 29 Dec 1882 (age 73)

Wife: Mary WRIGHT

Name: Mary WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: James Ireland WRIGHT (1785-1842)
Mother: Rachel MESSER (1789-1837)
Birth 26 Sep 1815 Bristol, Gloucester (Park street)
Death 27 Apr 1886 (age 70) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester2

Child 1: Mary Elizabeth WITHY

Name: Mary Elizabeth WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 11 Jul 1846 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Occupation Teacher Of Music & Singing
Death 2 Oct 1888 (age 42) Bristol, Gloucester

Child 2: Frances Louisa WITHY

Name: Frances Louisa WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 20 Jun 1848 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Death 1928 (age 79-80)

Child 3: Lydia Harwood WITHY

Name: Lydia Harwood WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 28 Nov 1849 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Death 24 Dec 1849 (age 0) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester

Child 4: Eleanor Rachel WITHY

Name: Eleanor Rachel WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Dec 1851 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester

Child 5: Annie (or Anna) Maria WITHY

Name: Annie (or Anna) Maria WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 13 Apr 1853 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Occupation Teacher Of Drawing

Child 6: Emily Harwood WITHY

Name: Emily Harwood WITHY
Sex: Female
Birth 23 Oct 1854 (Christened?) Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Occupation Teacher Of Music
Death 1937 (age 82-83)

Child 7: Lydia Caroline WITHY

Name: Lydia Caroline WITHY3
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Mar 1856 Clifton, Bristol, Gloucester
Death 1936 (age 79-80)

Note on Husband: John WITHY

In 1837, John Withy, a wollen draper from Bristol, bought 5 shares (£250) in the Bristol and Gloucestershire Extension Railway (see House of Commons papers, Volume 48 - 28 iii)


Lived at 13, Charlotte Street, Bristol


In Hunt & Co.'s Directory for Gloucester, Bristol & Welsh towns, 1849, a John Withy lived at 12, Frederick Place, Clifton.


In Webster & Co.'s Directory of Bristol & Glamorganshire, 1865 a Jno Withy lived at Portland ho, Kingsdown


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Name: John WITHY
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Sex: M
Birth: 2 OCT 1809 in Downend, Gloucestershire
Death: 26 DEC 1895 in Clifton, Bristol
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