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Family of Lloyd DAUBENY and Hannah LEE

Husband: Lloyd DAUBENY (c. 1748-1816)
Wife: Hannah LEE (c. 1767- )
Children: Hannah DAUBENY (c. 1767-1814)
William Lee DAUBENY (c. 1789- )
Sarah Vaughan DAUBENY (c. 1791-1855)
Mary DAUBENY (c. 1793-1816)
James DAUBENY ( - )
Marriage 1789 Henbury1

Husband: Lloyd DAUBENY

Name: Lloyd DAUBENY
Sex: Male
Father: Lloyd DAUBENY (c. 1718-1754)
Mother: Dulcibella SAXBURY (c. 1722-1787)
Birth c. 1748
Baptism 27 Dec 1748 (age 0) St James, Bristol
Death 6 May 1816 (age 67-68)

Wife: Hannah LEE

Name: Hannah LEE
Sex: Female
Father: William LEE ( -1809)
Mother: Esther VEYSEY ( -1804)
Birth c. 1767
Christening 15 Mar 1767 (as an infant) Henbury

Child 1: Hannah DAUBENY

Name: Hannah DAUBENY
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1767 Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Baptism 12 Apr 1802 (age 34-35) Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
Death 22 Apr 1814 (age 46-47) Portland Street Methodist Chapel, Bristol

Child 2: William Lee DAUBENY

Name: William Lee DAUBENY
Sex: Male
Birth c. 1789 Westbury on Trym, Gloucester

Child 3: Sarah Vaughan DAUBENY

Name: Sarah Vaughan DAUBENY
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: John ATREE (c. 1783-1822)
Spouse 2: William HAYWARD ( - )
Birth c. 1791 Westbury on Trym, Gloucester
Christening 2 Nov 1791 (as an infant) westbury on Trym, Gloucester
Occupation Picture dealer
Death 1 Apr 1855 (age 63-64) 7 All Saint Street, Bristol

Child 4: Mary DAUBENY

Name: Mary DAUBENY
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1793
Death 1 May 1816 (age 22-23) Portland Street Methodist Chapel, Bristol

Child 5: James DAUBENY

Name: James DAUBENY
Sex: Male

Note on Husband: Lloyd DAUBENY

Lloyd Daubeny (Jnr) was baptised on 27 Dec 1748 St James, Bristol Parents Lloyd Daubeny & Dulcibella Saxbury werew cousins.

At age 15, he was apprenticed to Uncle Andrew Daubeny as a Skinner which is a dealer in hides.

Lloyd Daubeny emigrated in 1768 (aged 20) - and took £2,500 (value around £160,000 at 2010 prices) to New York.

Lloyd Daubeny - Mar. Lic 23 Dec 1769, Marries Mary Calder nee Coventry on 24 Jan 1770 at Trinity Church, New York City - this church burnt down in a fire of 1776. Mary Daubeny died in 1814.


Grandparents George Daubeny (married Jane Lloyd) - he was a grocer.

Maternal grandparents Dulcibella Lloyd (Jane’s sister) and a Mr Saxbury. Their father John Lloyd owned the St James’ Back properties.

Lloyd Daubeny in 1772, in New York City was selling cloths, persian carpets etc.; European goods and intends to go to England in the summer (1772) - was it just to trade?

Lloyd Daubeny & Mary in 1776, in Brunswick - 1 child baptised here. He had had to leave all his property in NYC due to troubles. He then had to leave Brunswick, Jersey due to evacuation.

Lloyd Daubeny in 1777, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was selling groceries such as madeira, oils, sugar, candles, lemons, limes & hardware from a shop in Front Street Philadelphia (5 doors from coffee house).

June 18 1778 - British evacuate Philadelphia - maybe why he went back to NYC.

Lloyd Daubeny on 4 Feb 1781 in NYC, at a Brick House at 30 Broad Street & corner of Princess St NYC, registered as being sold prior to leaving US.

Lloyd Daubeny on 23 Jan 1782 NYC - holds a closing down sale, with remainder of groceries.

Lloyd Daubeny on 22 April 1782 in NYC, asks for those with accounts with him to have them settled at 30 Broad Street NYC as he is going on next convoy.

Lloyd Daubeny on 28 Oct 1782 in Bristol, met Sir Jarret Smyth ‘going into town & asked him about settlement of ‘their parents real & personal estate, particularly the Freehold estate on St James’ Back consisting of houses (in a hand written letter).

Lloyd Daubeny between 1785 & 1787, is living at Lower Green, St Augustine (shown in Bristol Rate Books).

Dulcibella (his mother) dies in 1787 and in her will, gave him £500 p.a.

Lloyd Daubeny in 1789, Married Hannah Lee at Henbury (Gent of St Augustine in church register) - says he is a widow, which of course, he is not!

Lloyd Daubeny 1797 - lived at 17 Cathay, St Augustine, Bristol (ref: Matthew’s New Bristol Directory).

Lloyd Daubeny 1791-1801 - Father’s children, Wm, Sarah, Mary, Hannah & James detailed in Westbury-on-Trym baptisms.

Lloyd Daubeny 1809 'London Gazette' Debtor - at this time only people in trade could be taken to court, so Lloyd must have been trading in some form or manner before this time.


and owner of large landed estates in St. Lawrence and Otsego Counties, Schuyler’s and other patents, New York, and m. January 24, 1770, Mary Coventry, b. New York City, July 15, 1743, and d. New York City, October 6, 1813 (widow of James Calder, of New York City), daughter of Hon. William Coventry (and Elizabeth Hart, b. January 29, 1722 (O.S.), m. at St. Kitts, West Indies, August 28, 1739, d. New York City, August 22, 1803), b. in England, APril 10, 1715 (O.S.), and removed to the island of St. Christopher, West Indies, and thence to New York City, before 1756, where, as a resident and property-holder in Dock Street, he was for many years one of the magistrates of the city, and d. St. Kitts, West Indies, April 25, 1774; son of Thomas Coventry, third son (brother of Walter Coventry, eldest son, who d. 1717, and William Coventry, Esquire, second son, who, in 1719, as eldest male descendant of Walter, brother of Thomas Coventry, first Baron and lord keeper of the Great Seal, and in accordance with the limitations of the patent, upon failure of issue of Gilbert, fourth Earl of Coventry, the last direct male descendant of Thomas Coventry, the lord keeper aforesaid, succeeded as fifth Earl of Coventry and Viscount Deerhurst, and was in turn succeeded, March 18, 1750, by his eldest son, George William, sixth Earl of Coventry and VIscount Deerhurst, who m. the very celebrated beauty Maria Gunning, daughter of John Gunning, Esq., of Roscommon) of Walter Coventry, brother of Thomas, first Baron Coventry, of Aylesborough, attorney-general to the crown and lord keeper of the Great Seal in 1625, sons of Thomas Conventry, chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas, 1606, a lineal male descendant of John Coventry, who filled the offices of sheriff and lord mayor of the city of London in 1416 and 1425.


Lloyd Daubeney and Mary Coventry, aforesaid, had:


24. Eliza Martin Daubney, third child, but eventual heiress (others d. s. p.), b. October 25, 1779, New York City, bapt. November 10, 1779, by Rev. Mr. Inglis, rector Holy Trinity Church, New York, d. New York City and buried Waddell vault; m. November 8, 1800 (by Rev. Dr. Benjamin Moore), Captain Henry Waddell, of New York City, b. New York City, March 31, 1767, will dated May 9, 1815, d. New York City, July 13, 1819, buried Waddell vault, eldest and only surviving son of Lieutenant-Colonel William Waddell, of New York City, and his wife, Geesie Filkin, m. at her father’s residence, Pearl Street, New York, April 5, 1761.


Lieutenant-Colonel William Waddell, aforesaid, was b. New York City, July 26, 1737 (O.S.), and was one of the alderman and magistrates of the same prior to the Revolution, during which he served as lieutenant-colonel of a loyalist regiment in New York City, commission dated October 23, 1776, and thereafter removing to London, d. there July 27, 1813, and there buried. He was eldest son of Captain John Waddell, b. Dover, Kent, England, October 3, 1714, and removed to New York City about 1735, d. there May 29, 1762, in his home on Dock Street (purchased from William Coventry, aforesaid), and buried Waddell vault, Holy Trinity Church, New York City, will dated October 9, 1760 (and his wife Anne, daughter of William Kirten, of New York City), eldest son of Lieutenant William Waddell, of the British navy, who lost his right arm in the service in burning the Spanish fleet at Vigo, Spain, b. Edinburgh, North Britain, and d. Dover, England, son of Captain John Waddell, “of Stebenheath in ye County of Middlesex, Esq., now Captn. of ye Rainbowe, a principall Ship of his ma’ties Navie Royall,” who had arms granted to “him and his posteritie, with their due differences, forever,” May 3, 1627 (copy of original grant on file Herald’s College, London), for great naval victories in the Persian Gulf and Straits of Ormus, temp. 1622. It is notable that this same vessel was one of the fleet (and third in point of size) which repelled the Spanish Armada, temp. 1588, and that in the engagement, in which Captain Waddell commanded against Kishm and Ormus, the great navigator Baffin was one of the Englishmen to lose their lives.


1"Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840".