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Family of Peter Frederick BERNSTEIN and Rose-Hannah WRIGHT

Husband: Peter Frederick BERNSTEIN (c. 1851-bef1909)
Wife: Rose-Hannah WRIGHT (1851- )
Children: Moses BERNSTEIN (1841- )
Frederick William BERNSTEIN (1876- )
Marriage 28 Oct 1873 Walton-0n-the-hill, Bootle, Liverpool

Husband: Peter Frederick BERNSTEIN

Name: Peter Frederick BERNSTEIN
Sex: Male
Father: Peter BERNSTEIN (c. 1816-bef1873)
Mother: unknown (c. 1815- )
Birth c. 1851 Poland
Death btw 1902 and 1909 (age 50-58)

Wife: Rose-Hannah WRIGHT

Name: Rose-Hannah WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1851 Bristol, Gloucester

Child 1: Moses BERNSTEIN

Sex: Male
Birth 1841

Child 2: Frederick William BERNSTEIN

Name: Frederick William BERNSTEIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Senny ALDAM (1885-1959)
Birth 1876