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Family of John TALBOT and Margaret BEAUCHAMP

Husband: John TALBOT (c. 1386-1453)
Wife: Margaret BEAUCHAMP (1404-1468)
Children: Lewis TALBOT ( - )
John TALBOT ( -1453)
Humphrey TALBOT ( -c. 1492)
Elizabeth TALBOT ( -c. 1453)
Eleanor TALBOT ( -1468)
Joan TALBOT ( - )
Marriage 6 Sep 1425

Husband: John TALBOT


John TALBOT, 1453, age 67, Battle_of_Castillon

Name: John TALBOT
Sex: Male
Father: Richard TALBOT ( - )
Mother: Ankaret le STRANGE ( - )
Birth c. 1386
Occupation 1st Earl of Shrewsbury
Death 17 Jul 1453 (age 66-67) Battle of Castillon near Bordeaux

Wife: Margaret BEAUCHAMP

Name: Margaret BEAUCHAMP
Sex: Female
Father: Richard de BEAUCHAMP (1382-1439)
Mother: Elizabeth de BERKELEY (c. 1386-1422)
Birth 1404
Death 14 Jun 1468 (age 63-64)

Child 1: Lewis TALBOT

Name: Lewis TALBOT
Sex: Male

Child 2: John TALBOT

Name: John TALBOT
Sex: Male
Occupation 1st Viscount Lisle
Death 1453

Child 3: Humphrey TALBOT

Name: Humphrey TALBOT
Sex: Male
Death c. 1492

Child 4: Elizabeth TALBOT

Name: Elizabeth TALBOT
Sex: Female
Spouse: John de MOWBRAY ( - )
Death c. 1453

Child 5: Eleanor TALBOT

Name: Eleanor TALBOT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas BUTLER ( - )
Death 1468

Child 6: Joan TALBOT

Name: Joan TALBOT
Sex: Unknown

Note on Husband: John TALBOT

John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, 1st Earl of Waterford, 10th Baron Strange of Blackmere, 7th Baron Talbot and 6th Baron Furnivall "jure uxoris" (by right of his wife), known as "Old Talbot" was an important English military commander during the Hundred Years' War, as well as the only Lancastrian Constable of France.


He was appointed in 1445 by Henry VI (as king of France) as Constable of France. Taken hostage at Rouen in 1449 he promised never to wear armour against the French King again, and he was true to his word. He was defeated and killed in 1453 at the Battle of Castillon near Bordeaux, which effectively ended English rule in the duchy of Gascony, a principal cause of the Hundred Years' War. His heart was buried in the doorway of St Alkmund's Church, Whitchurch, Shropshire

Note on Wife: Margaret BEAUCHAMP

During the troubled years of the Wars of the Roses, the dispute frequently passed from litigation to actual violence. Lord Berkeley sacked Margaret's manor at Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, in return for which her son, the Viscount Lisle, stormed Berkeley Castle (1452) and took him prisoner. Margaret also succeeded in having Lord Berkeley's wife, Isabel Mowbray, committed to prison, where she died that year.



Her great-grandson John Dudley was created Earl of Warwick and subsequently Duke of Northumberland.


She is buried in St Faith under St Paul's at London