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Family of Hugh le DESPENSER and Isabel BEAUCHAMP

Husband: Hugh le DESPENSER (1260-1326)
Wife: Isabel BEAUCHAMP ( - )
Children: Hugh LE DISPENSER (1286-1326)
Isabel DESPENCER (1292-1334)
Philip LE DESPENCER ( - )
Margaret LE DESPENCER ( - )

Husband: Hugh le DESPENSER


Hugh le DESPENSER, Coat of arms of elder dispenser

Name: Hugh le DESPENSER
Sex: Male
Father: Sir Hugh le DESPENCER (1223-1265)
Mother: Aliva BASSET ( - )
Birth 1 Mar 1260
Occupation Earl of Winchester
Death 27 Oct 1326 (age 66)

Wife: Isabel BEAUCHAMP

Name: Isabel BEAUCHAMP
Sex: Female
Father: William de BEAUCHAMP ( - )
Mother: Maud FITZJOHN ( -c. 1301)

Child 1: Hugh LE DISPENSER


Hugh LE DISPENSER, 1326, age 40, Execution of HughDespenser

Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Eleanor DE CLARE (1292-1337)
Spouse 2: Isabel BEAUCHAMP ( - )
Birth 1286
Death 24 Nov 1326 (age 39-40)

Child 2: Isabel DESPENCER

Name: Isabel DESPENCER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John DE HASTINGS (1262- )
Birth 1292 Barton, Gloucs
Death 4 Dec 1334 (age 41-42) Abergavenny

Child 3: Philip LE DESPENCER

Sex: Male

Child 4: Margaret LE DESPENCER

Name: Margaret LE DESPENCER
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: Hugh le DESPENSER

He was created a baron by writ of summons to Parliament in 1295. Despenser became Edward's loyal servant and chief administrator after Gaveston was executed in 1312, but the jealousy of other barons - and, more importantly, his own corruption and unjust behaviour - led to his being exiled along with his son Hugh Despenser the younger in 1321, when Edmund de Woodstoke replaced him as Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.