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Family of John LITTLE and Mary WITHY

Husband: John LITTLE (c. 1780- )
Wife: Mary WITHY (c. 1784- )

Husband: John LITTLE

Name: John LITTLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth c. 1780 Bristol, Gloucs, England

Wife: Mary WITHY

Name: Mary WITHY
Sex: Female
Father: John Canvin WITHY (1766- )
Mother: Mary (c. 1760- )
Birth c. 1784 Bristol, Gloucester

Note on Wife: Mary WITHY

Two of the sons of the above William Stratford, William and Henry, became Partners in a Silversmith business, being credited for the invention of Silver Plating, and were established on Church Street, and Bramall Lane, in Sheffield, but afterwards towards the end of his life, William resided at Mosborough, and died on the 18th of April 1859, aged 72 years, being interred at Eckington.


William Stratford, besides being married to the daughter of William Grey, married secondly Mary Withy, Aunt to Frederick Withy Horsefield, who married William Stratford's daughter by his first wife. ( another marriage and Family confusion).


Mary Withys father, a Quaker, became estranged from the Society, and was of the same Family as George Withy, a distinguished Minister of the Society of Friends of Melksham, County Wiltshire. She claimed descent through her mother from Sir Richard Grevis of Mosley Hall, County Worcester, and her relatives claimed the Estate. She died on the 19th of August 1874.


There are still Branches of the Family living in the Sheffield area who are descended from the afar said Thomas Stratford. (from: