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Family of Edward HARWOOD and Mary TANNER

Husband: Edward HARWOOD (1739-1806)
Wife: Mary TANNER (c. 1744-1803)
Children: Lydia HARWOOD (1772-1860)
Samuel HARWOOD (1777-1829)
Marriage 21 Nov 1770 Bleadon, Somerset, England

Husband: Edward HARWOOD

Name: Edward HARWOOD
Sex: Male
Father: Edward HARWOOD ( -c. 1769)
Mother: Hester BOYE ( -1777)
Birth 16 Nov 1739 Bristol, Gloucs, England
Death 2 Apr 1806 (age 66) Bristol, Gloucs, England
Burial 9 Apr 1806 (age 66) Frenchay

Wife: Mary TANNER

Name: Mary TANNER
Sex: Female
Father: William TANNER (c. 1708- )
Mother: Rachel THOMAS (c. 1711-c. 1769)
Birth c. 22 Jan 1744 Bleadon, Somerset, England
Death 15 Mar 1803 (age 59) Bristol, Gloucs, England

Child 1: Lydia HARWOOD


Lydia HARWOOD, 1860, age 88, Edward and Lydia Withy deaths_1860


Spouse: George (junior) WITHY, Quakersfriars Bristol

Name: Lydia HARWOOD
Sex: Female
Spouse: George (junior) WITHY (1763-1837)
Birth 4 Feb 1772 Barton Regis
Death 3 Jun 1860 (age 88) Portishead, Somerset

Child 2: Samuel HARWOOD

Name: Samuel HARWOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth WITHY ( - )
Birth 16 Oct 1777 Barton Hill, Bristol, England, England
Occupation Tanner & Leather factor
Death 22 Jul 1829 (age 51) Barton Hill, Bristol, Gloucs, England

Note on Husband: Edward HARWOOD

In 1784, is listed in deeds for Marigold Court, Mangotsfield with Sir Jno (John) H Smyth, W Hole (ref: "Our Parish Mangotsfield and Downend" by S Jones.

A Mr Harwood of Almondsbury is shown as owner of Bury Hill part of the Baugh Farm Estate around 1779, occupied by Mr W Matthews, who resides in Wickwick Manor House close by, bought by Mr E Harwood (1755).

Note on Wife: Mary TANNER

Somerset Marriages (post-1754): Wedding Date:21 Nov 1770 - Groom Forenames:Edward - Groom Surname:Harwood - Groom's parish:Sts. Philip & Jacob - Groom's county:GLS

Bride's Forenames:Mary - Bride's Surname:Tanner - Bride's parish:Bladon - Bride's condition:Quaker


Witnesses:Son/o Edw.(decd)/Hester of Frampton C, dau/o Wm / Rachel(decd)

At time of death is shown as living at: Barton Hill, St Phillip,

St Jacob Bristol.