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Family of John FOSTER and Ann PEPPERDINE

Husband: John FOSTER (c. 1811-c. 1878)
Wife: Ann PEPPERDINE (c. 1834- )
Children: Pheobe Jane FOSTER (c. 1857- )
Thomas FOSTER (c. 1860-1924)
Richard FOSTER (c. 1862- )
Joseph FOSTER (c. 1867- )
Alice FOSTER (c. 1870- )
Elizabeth FOSTER (c. 1871- )
Ada Harriett FOSTER (c. 1875- )
Marriage frm 1 Jul 1857 to 31 Oct 1857

Husband: John FOSTER

Name: John FOSTER
Sex: Male
Father: John FOSTER ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth THOMPSON ( - )
Birth c. 1811 Reepham, Lincolnshire
Occupation Coal Agent
Death c. Nov 1878 (age 66-67) Barlings, Lincolnshire, England
Burial 3 Nov 1878 Barlings, Lincolnshire, England


Sex: Female
Father: Thomas PEPPERDINE (1799-1859)
Mother: Pheobe SKEPPER (1799- )
Birth c. 1834 Fiskerton, Lincolnshire

Child 1: Pheobe Jane FOSTER

Name: Pheobe Jane FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles PEARSON (1856- )
Birth c. 1857 Reepham, Lincolnshire

Child 2: Thomas FOSTER


Thomas FOSTER, 1911, age 51, 1911Census-Thomas Foster RG14-21-9-52-21952_0033_03

Name: Thomas FOSTER1
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ada BROWN (1867-1948)
Birth c. 1860 Reepham Lincolnshire
Occupation Civil & Consulting Engineer
Death 1924 (age 63-64)

Child 3: Richard FOSTER


Spouse: Emma DIXON, 1911Census Richard Foster-RG14-19-7-66-19766_0119_03

Name: Richard FOSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma DIXON (1882- )
Birth c. 1862 Reepham, Lincolnshire
Occupation Coal Merchant

Child 4: Joseph FOSTER


Joseph FOSTER, 1911Census joseph Foster-RG14-19-7-66-19766_0113_03

Name: Joseph FOSTER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel RAWLINSON (1874- )
Birth c. 1867 Reepham, Lincolnshire
Occupation Coal Depot Manager

Child 5: Alice FOSTER


Spouse: Herbert PEARSON, 1911Census-Herbert Pearson RG14-19-7-03-19703_0027_03

Name: Alice FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Herbert PEARSON (1867- )
Birth c. 1870 Langworth, Lincolnshire, England

Child 6: Elizabeth FOSTER

Name: Elizabeth FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Henry COOK (1876- )
Birth c. 1871 Langworth, Lincolnshire, England

Child 7: Ada Harriett FOSTER

Name: Ada Harriett FOSTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred White FOX (c. 1872- )
Birth c. 1875 Langworth, Lincolnshire, England

Note on Husband: John FOSTER

John was a Coal Agent, living in Reepham in 1861.


In 1871 Census, lived at "Private House, Barlings".


In 1881, Johns widow was a "Coal Merchant", living in Barlings with her younger children.

Note on Wife: Ann PEPPERDINE

Ann PEPPERDINE, married John Foster in jul - Sep 1857.


In 1841 Census, lived at: "The Hall, Fiskerton".


In 1891 Census, she is shown as being a widow, living at 20, Lincoln Road, Barlings, Longworth


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