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Family of Andrew John WORRALL and Carol Elizabeth WITHY

Husband: Andrew John WORRALL (1951- )
Wife: Carol Elizabeth WITHY (1951- )
Children: Toni Elizabeth WORRALL (1976- )
Graeme Richard WORRALL (1978- )
Marriage 30 Mar 1974 Thurstaston Church

Husband: Andrew John WORRALL


Andrew John WORRALL, 2006, age 55, me1

Name: Andrew John WORRALL1
Sex: Male
Father: William John WORRALL (1914-1994)
Mother: Kathleen Ada FOSTER (1915-1967)
Birth 25 Jun 1951 Chester
Occupation Civil Servant

Wife: Carol Elizabeth WITHY


Carol Elizabeth WITHY, 2006, age 55, carol1

Name: Carol Elizabeth WITHY1
Sex: Female
Father: George WITHY (1924-1998)
Mother: Dorothy Elizabeth GRAY (1925-2014)
Birth 26 Sep 1951 Birmingham
Occupation School Clerical Work

Child 1: Toni Elizabeth WORRALL


Toni Elizabeth WORRALL, TONI_2006_1

Name: Toni Elizabeth WORRALL2
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leon LONDON ( - )
Birth 31 Oct 1976 Clatterbridge Hospital, Bebbington
Baptism 13 Mar 1977 (age 4 mns) St Thomas's Church
Ellesmere Port, Wirral
Occupation Estate Agent

Child 2: Graeme Richard WORRALL


Graeme Richard WORRALL, 2009, age 31, graeme1


Spouse: Hannah CHAMBERS, 2009, age 30, hannah1

Name: Graeme Richard WORRALL3
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah CHAMBERS (1979- )
Birth 14 Nov 1978 Clatterbridge Hospital, Bebbington
Occupation Graphic layout - Daily Star Sunday

Note on Husband: Andrew John WORRALL

Married to Carol on 30 March 1974


1In person
2Andrew Worrall (father) & In person
3Andrew Worrall (father) & In person